Taxes & Fees


1. Request for Mayor’s Permit MO 5 minutes P 110.00 Mun. Mayor’s Mayor’s Office staff
2. Request for Mayor’s Clearance MO 3 minutes P 75.00 Mun. Mayor’s Mayor’s Office staff
3. Issuance of Affidavit MO 10 minutes P 75.00 Mun. Mayor’s Mayor’s Office staff
4. Issuance of Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit MO 5 minutes New P 510.00 Renewal P 410.00 Mun. Mayor’s Mayor’s Office staff
5. Issuance of zoning certification MPDO 15 minutes Filing fee P 85.00 Zoning Cert. fee P 150.00 MPDO
6. Issuance of Certified true copy/Machine copy of Civil Registry Documents MCR 40 minutes P 50.00 MCR/Staff
7. Timely/Delayed Registration of Certificate of marriage MCR Timely 22 minutes Delayed 10 days MCR/Staff
8. Timely/Delayed of Registration of Live Birth MCR Timely 22 minutes Delayed 10 days MCR/Staff
9. Timely/Delayed Registration of Death MCR Timely Delayed 10 days MCR/Staff
10. Application for Marriage License MCR 10 days Posting P 270.00 MCR/Staff
11. Correction of Clerical Error/Change of First Name (R.A 9048) MCR 2-3 months CCE- P 1,000.00 CFN- P 3,000.00 MCR/Staff
12. Out-of Town reporting (Rule 20 of Act 3753) MCR 2 months MCR/Staff
13. Issuance of Building Permit MEO 22 minutes P 150.00 Mun. Engineering /staff
14. Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy MEO 20 minutes Mun. Engineering/ staff
15. Issuance of Certification /Tax Declaration   M.A.O.   10 minutes   P 50.00   Mun. Assessor /staff
16. Declaration of Real Properties (building and other improvements   M.A.O.   2 hours   Mun. Assessor/ staff
17. Transfer of Tax Declaration   M.A.O.   3-5 days   P 50.00   Mun.Assessor/staff
18. Availing assistance in crisis situation (AICS)   MSWDO   25 minutes   MSWDO
19. Referrals/Availing of social case study report MSWDO 3-4hours   MO/MSWDO
20. Medical Health Services   RHU   1 hour M.Bautista D.C. Nangan Dr. Jose R. Magno Jr.
21. Maternal and Child Health Services for Pre-Natal   RHU   40 minutes   – M.Bautista D.C. Nangan Dr. Jose R. Magno Jr.
22. Issuance of Business License & Permit   MTO   5 minutes   Fees Varies   Mun. Treasurer/staff
23. Issuance of Tax Clearance   MTO   5 minutes   P 50.00   Mun. Treasurer/staff
24. Payment of Real Property Tax   MTO   10 minutes   Fees/Charges varies   Mun.Treasurer/staff
25. Issuance of Community Tax Certificate   MTO   2 minutes   Fees varies   Mun.Treasurer/staff

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