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To attain political, social and economic stability, education is vital factor to be considered, thus the establishments of schools throughout the country was found to be an urgent necessity. It was bestowed as a “God given Gift” by the Americans. During the American regime, thru the Philippine Commission Act No. 74 was enacted that provided for the creation of the Bureau of Public Instructions headed by the General Superintendent.

In view of these, by virtue of the powers vested upon the General Superintendent as head of the bureau of the Public Instructions, it pave the way for the establishment in school divisions in every provinces throughout the Philippines, and the province of Nueva Ecija was one of its beneficiary that gave birth to the Nueva Ecija Division, and this was the beginning of spreading of elementary schools in Nueva Ecija, that also gave birth to Laur Elementary School in Laur, Nueva Ecija.

Bitulok during that time (now Gabaldon) is a barrio of Laur, Nueva Ecija and was benefited by the massive establishments of elementary schools in the province, and because of the increasing population, Ligaya Primary School was created in 1938. The following year, Bitulok Barrio School was established in June 1939. Curricular offering of Bitulok Barrio School was further strengthened. In the same year, Bugnan Primary School was established because of fast growing population of Sitio Bugnan, people were forced to request a teacher and it was granted.

In 1945, three schools were opened due to the increasing population of residence. They are, F. Buencamino Sr. Primary School, Bagong Sikat Primary School and Camatchile Primary School.

In 1948, Malinao Primary School was opened using NDC Compound as temporary classroom. In 1950, Tagumpay Primary School and Bagting Primary School followed thru the collaborative effort of barangay people by establishing temporary class room made of nipa in their place.

In June 1950, by the virtue of law passed by the Philippine Congress Bitulok was created as a town. Subsequently, another law was enacted changing the name of Bitulok to Gabaldon. In 1954, Gabaldon South Primary School opened followed by Cuyapa Primary School in1966 and Bantug Primary School in 1969. Pantoc Primary School operated in 1970. Sitio Bateria of Bagting started to opened classes in 1989 due to increasing pupil populace. Mabaldog opened to primary school in 1991. Because of the culture of its inhabitants the school was closed, after three years of operation. It was opened in 1995. In1994. Calabasa Primary School was established, it become complete elementary school after three years. Pinamalisan Primary School started to operate on June 12, 1995 with the initiative of the former District Supervisor Ressureccion D. Parungao. In 1996 Mrs. Gorgonia O. Pineda presented a project proposal to open Tagumpay Elementary School Annex at Dupinga. The proposal has been approved, and the multi grade classes were opened on June 25, 2007 in the school year 20008-2009, the school was formally named Gawad Kalinga Elementary School.

Two schools were opened this S.Y. 2012-2013, one is F. Buencamino Integrated School which offers First year High School but believed to become a complete High School in the near future, and the second one is Dupinga Primary School which is located at “Pulong Diablo”. Both schools are opened under the term of Paterno Y. Mendoza, the present District Supervisor of Gabaldon District.


Alejandro G. Bato


Condrado Pajimna


Gloria L. Manuel


Sixto Lustre


Casiano Balagtas


Filipinas Abesamis


Marcelino M. Yalung


Ceferino Caballero


Ressureccion D. Parungao


Eduardo S. Vijandre


Gorgonia O. Pineda


Paterno Y. Mendoza


Benigno S. Diozon






Bagting Elementary School Barangay Bagting
Bateria Elementary School Sitio Bateria, Barangay Bagting
Calabasa Elementary School Barangay Calabasa
Ligaya Elementary School Barangay Ligaya
Dupinga Primary School Sitio Dupinga, Barangay Ligaya
Mabaldog Primary School Sitio Mabaldog, Barangay Ligaya
Bagong Sikat Elementary School Barangay Bagong Sikat
Bugnan Elementary School Barangay Bugnan
Tagumpay Elementary School Barangay Tagumpay
Gawad Kalinga Elementary School Kalayaan Village, Barangay Tagumpay
Malinao Elementary School Barangay Malinao
Pantoc Elementary School Barangay Pantoc
Gabaldon Central School Barangay North Poblacion
Gabaldon South Elementary School Barangay South Poblacion
Camatchile Elementary School Barangay Camatchile
Bantug Elementary School Barangay Bantug
F. Buencamino, Sr. Integrated School Barangay Sawmill
Cuyapa Elementary School Barangay Cuyapa
Pagsanjan Primary School Sitio Pagsanjan, Barangay Pinamalisan
Pinamalisan Elementary School Barangay Pinamalisan

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