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Gabaldon Essential Academy Inc.


One of the fastest growing schools in the province is Gabaldon Essential Academy (GEA). Due to public demand from the competent, well-trained Christian, a former public school teacher who gained recognition, awards and trust from the town people and officials, Mr. Javier E. Garde, materializes their dream for their children. With the help of God and people it was erected in the most fascinating view of town. Offering pre-elementary to secondary level, emerging from 57 children 5 years ago, to 173 this school year. Determined to serve and lead with teachers who don’t stop learning and still seeking for enhancement. Acclaimed one of the top performing private schools of NEPPESA CD III and received its Elementary Recognition status in September 2009. The GEA is still clinging to its formula. “Divine Power plus Human Effort equals to SUCCESS.”


Essential School envision to become the center of Academic Excellence and Christian Virtues.


Essential School intends to give Christian Education.


The educational program of Gabaldon Essential Academy gives primary emphasis to the development of character and spiritual foundation in the light of each pupil. It is designed to effect the harmonious development of the social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, and spiritual well-being of pupils.

The school considers its pupils as the children of god and its teacher as instrument of God. Thus, it recognized the necessity of providing opportunities and a proper educational atmosphere of pupil to grow in all aspects of their personality that they effectively cope with fast changing world and most especially prepare themselves to meet Jesus Christ at His Imminent Second Coming.

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